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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Even my own limited ET hypotheses are troublesome, unless

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The book pictured here, one of several gotten from Amazon this week, was bought to underpin and/or support my view that one or two (a few) UFOs may have been (or are) encounters with von Neumann-like probes from an advanced extraterrestrial race.

(The UFO encounters that I have used to example my thinking include, among others, the 1948 Gorman “dogfight,” the 1967 Stephan Michalak incident (at Falcon Lake), and the 1979 Robert Taylor brush with a “contraption,” all cited here many times.)

But this doesn’t work does it, if my other thoughts about the uniqueness of technological advances, in the context of Earth’s “evolutionary” processes are probable?

That is, the thinking, development, and eventual construction of AI machines come within the intellectual, cultural milieu that is Earth’s and Earth’s alone.

An alien civilization would not develop, in any way – biologically, intelligently, or technologically – as Earth has.

Darwin’s evolution, in all its manifestations, is restricted to the elements, often cited here, that are unique to this planet, this rock in space.

And alien culture or race would come about under far different circumstances than that which humans have been subjected to or supported by.

(I won’t belabor, again, my often stated views on this, but you can find them by using the search tab at the above left on this blog.)

My point, here, is that AI machinery, in the configuration of a UFO or “piloting” a UFO is from the realm of science fiction or the devious thinking of those, like me, extrapolating what is an Earth-centric technology to encompass a non-Earth technology.

But there is a caveat, one that ufologists and science certainly eschews – although science is coming around – and that is the idea that the cosmos, the universe (seen and unseen) is the creation of a supreme mind or intelligence, God, as it were.
This means that the patterns of existence (reality) conform to the “wishes” of a deity or omnipresent mind, some even postulating, as you know, that we (our existence and reality) is a computer simulation, a matrix. (I find that intriguing as do some of you.)

That the whole of everything, as religions have told us, is a creation of a supreme being.

This would allow for, account for, the similarity of UFO craft to our own advanced aircraft and “beings” encountered in some bizarre UFO incidents, that are like us because the supreme thinker or creator [God] has willed it or made it so, and the universe (reality) is subsumed by this “creator” or omnipotent thing, that has fashioned a creation within the parameters of Its desires, Its likes and dislikes.

So, yes, there can be alien (extraterrestrial) beings. not very different from humans, visiting the Earth, then and now, but surely not in the amounts that UFO reportage indicates.

That would be insane and an omnipotent being can’t be insane, can It?

(That for another time.)



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